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WOM Team Mentors Future Engineers in Prototype Competition

In collaboration with the Puranik Foundation’s Energy Project and in conjunction with the Rice Alliance, Houston colleagues volunteered their time to provide engineering student mentorships in a first-of-its-kind prototype competition.

The students worked on the prototyping portion of their environment-focused projects with hopes of bringing their concepts to life. Our team was was amazed at the TXRX Lab facility where the prototyping was taking place in mid-March.  Even more impressive was the students’ zeal to participate in these projects during their Spring Break vacation. 

The TXRX Labs is a non-profit facility in Houston’s East End that provides a “makerspace” of diverse classes and equipment access to help make project dreams a reality. The students took advantage of these resources by asking the engineers thoughtful questions, collaborating amongst themselves, and experimenting their builds with the materials they had acquired. Their alternative energy projects ranged from agriculture water reclamation systems to urban pedestrian tramways. Our engineers had much to rave about back at the office. The future of sustainability is bright with these students! 

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