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Press Release: WOM Receives Coveted Patent for Magnum SP Technology

Modular Valve Technology Secures Patent Protection, Continues to Expand Operational Envelope

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HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, September 19, 2022 / — Worldwide Oilfield Machine (WOM) today announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted WOM the patent for its Magnum SP™ frac valve technology.

The USPTO has granted WOM patent number US 11,435,001 B2 that covers the unique features of the Magnum SP valve for sealing and prevention of sand ingress in frac applications.

WOM’s Magnum SP gate valve technology continues to push technology requirements. The Company recently introduced additional models of the Magnum valve—the Magnum X and Magnum XU, extensions of the SP and designed for drilling and production applications in offshore and subsea environments, delivering the highest performance for an extended period without maintenance.

The invention accelerates the reliability and applicability of WOM’s robust legacy of Magnum technology, targeting the specialized needs of hydraulic fracturing operations.

Fracturing and flowback operations demand safe, reliable, and predictable operation. WOM’s Magnum SP frac valve uses fewer resources and minimal maintenance, protecting personnel and preserving the environment. Key design features help reduce overall footprint, maintain integrity with redundant sealing, and extend field performance.

“We are delighted that the USPTO has recognized us for the uniqueness of our Magnum SP technology and granted this patent,” commented Anand Kalimuthu, Director of Engineering for WOM. “The patent strengthens the differentiation of our technology and will help us build a sustainable competitive advantage in the ever-evolving upstream oil and gas market.”

The Magnum SP frac valve technology is offered exclusively through our affiliate company, Total Frac Solutions Inc. (TFS), a surface solutions provider for the completion segment of the upstream oil and gas sector.

In addition to building world-class technologies that drive innovation for the industry, WOM serves to impact the lives of those people in the communities where we work and live. While ambitious, the Company’s goal is to ‘earn and return’, meaning drive revenue for our stakeholders while sustainably contributing to our local communities through educational investment and engagement.

About WOM
Worldwide Oilfield Machine provides premium flow control and pressure containment systems to the upstream and midstream oil and gas sector. Our vertically integrated, employee-driven company headquartered in Houston, Texas exists to partner with relevant stakeholders in local communities in which we operate, delivering reliable, innovative, cost-efficient, and climate-conscious solutions to our customer’s business needs. We strive for a larger purpose, dedicating our resources to building sustainable ecosystems in local communities for future generations in two ways—using an ESG-focused product life cycle for our customers within the industries we serve, and supporting school systems to career paths within local education. We leverage our experience and knowledge of business processes and technology, along with healthy investment in human and monetary capital to systemically improve the quality of life for the people in our global communities.

Our WOM group of companies employ 4,000 employees across 13 strategically located global facilities. Our diversified workforce supports manufacturing facilities, engineering centers, sales offices, and assembly and testing locations across 10 countries.

For more information about WOM and its products and services, visit our website at For more details about our affiliate company, TFS, visit

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