Customer Asset Management Preservation & Storage

We understand the importance of preserving and storing your valuable assets during this time, as well as having equipment ready for immediate and efficient mobilization. CAMPS (Customer Asset Management, Preservation and Storage) is structured to accommodate your equipment storage needs and provide exceptional protection of your company’s capital assets worldwide. 


  • PRESERVATION AND STORAGE: No corrosion on internal components due to long term storage.
  • MOBILIZATION: Equipment is ready to deploy with preservation fluid compatible with offshore hydraulic fluid.
  • FREEZE THE COC: Ready for deployment when requested by customer.
  • RE-SEALING: Equipment can be disassembled and re-sealed for a full five years certification.*
  • AVAILABILTY: Equipment ready to be deployed.
  • COST MANAGEMENT: Progressive options available (monthly, quarterly and yearly).**

* Equipment should meet certain criteria, verification through your sales contact is required.
**Availability subject to financial analysis, verification through your sales contact is required.


  • Equipment is received, drained and new preservation fluid is filled.
    – Exposed sealing areas cleaned, visual inspected and greased.
  •  Every three months:
    – Equipment is operated/actuated and new fluid is circulated.
    – Exposed sealing areas are cleaned, visually inspected and greased.
  •  Every year equipment is function tested and flushed with new fluid and disposing of old fluid.
  •  Option to be stored at WOM property or Customer location (travel and FS rates apply).
  •  Long term storage preservation fluid.
  •  If required we can preserve and store as per client procedures.

Services are available domestically in Houston and MidlandTexas, as well as internationally in DubaiSingaporeBrazilScotland, and IndiaClick here for more details and to receive a personalized quote based on your needs.


WOM Asset Management
WOM Asset Management
WOM Asset Management

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