Drilling Choke Control Panel

The WOM Control System software is equipped with intelligence that allows mechanization of the well control manifolds. The software’s diagnostic configuration resides inside the WOM PLC/HMI. The software (PLC/HMI) is written using Siemens TIA portal.

Specification and Features

WOM’s Standard Control Panel comes in configurations/ options:

  • Stand Alone/Floor Mount
  • Blind HPU
  • Remote Wall Mount

API 16C drilling conformance

  • Emergency Operation Provisions
    • Nitrogen Connection
    • Hand Pump
  • Rig Air Connection
  • Choke Pressure
  • Stand Pipe Pressure
  • Choke Position Indicator
  • PSC
  • Primary and Back Up Pump
  • Accumulator
    • Increase Choke Speed
    • Smooth Choke Operation
    • Emergency Power Source
  • Choke Speed Control
  • Power to close Choke from fully open within 30 seconds


  • Suitable for Zone 1 and Zone 2
  • DNV and ABS certified
  • 316SS Internal Hard Tubing
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