Our Story

Worldwide Oilfield Machine (WOM) is a globally recognized, multinational company established in 1980 with headquarters in Houston, Texas.

We are a fully vertically integrated company which allows us to ensure the highest level of quality control in every aspect of the manufacturing process to support the oil & gas industry in surface, off-shore and subsea applications, including high pressure and extreme environment conditions.

The WOM group of companies consists of WOM Inc.,  WOM UK, WOM Asia Pacific, WOM Pvt. Ltd., WOM ME, Magnum Forge and Machine Works, Magna Cast and Machine Works, Magnum Technology Center,  WOM Brazil, WOM Australia, WOM Brazil and WOM Valves and Controls.

With over 2,500 employees, the WOM group of companies has a global presence with manufacturing facilities, engineering centers, sales offices and assembly/testing workshops all over the world. Our current locations include Houston -Texas, Pune – India, Aberdeen – Scotland, Dubai – UAE, Seoul -South Korea, Jakarta – Indonesia, Ashgabat – Turkmenistan, Singapore, Macaé-Brazil and Australia.

A focus on constant innovation within product designs and manufacturing processes

Tubing Head Adapters
Tubing Head Adapters
Magnum Mud Gate Valve
Magnum Subsea Hydraulic Actuator
Magnum Subsea Hydraulic Actuator
Magnum Pump Saver
Drilling Choke
Torque Reducer Gate Valve
Subsea Intervention System
Subsea Intervention System
Super Power Tandem Boosters
Drilling Choke Control Panel
Line Pressure Operated SSV
Replaceable Seat Seal Assembly
7 3/8-10K Coil Cutting Valves
13 5/8-15K Subsea Well Cap(Capping Stack)
Magnum Gate Valve
WU Ram Type BOP
Plem Plet
Casing Head Spools
Casing Head Spools
Advanced Control Systems
Well Testing Surface safety Valve (SSV)
Annular Spherical BOP
Hammer Unions
Model 200M Gate Valve
MTC Well Test Equipment
Vertical Subsea Tree
Vertical X-Mas Tree
13-5/8 – 10K Subsea Wellhead
Model 700 Plug Valve
Model 700 Plug Valve
7 3/8-10K Surface Tree (Flow head)
Flowhead Control Panel
Model 600 Mud Valve
Hydraulic Fail-Safe Actuator
Magnum Subsea Dual Block
Magnum Subsea Dual Block
6 3/8-15K Deepwater Riser System (DRS)
Well Testing Choke Manifolds
External Sleeve Choke
Riser Base
Riser Base
API 20 E Bolting
18-3/4 – 10K Subsea Wellhead
WMSP Diverter
Check Valves
Patented Dual-Seal Ball Valves
Railways & Metro
WTC-22-FS-ET Tubing Head Spool
Tubing Head Spools
Pneumatic Fail-Safe Actuator
SPII Compact Wellhead
Custom Manifolds
Positive Choke
Emergency Shutdown System
Reliable Actuator System
Well Testing Flowheads
Mudline Suspension System (MLS)
Model 500 Gate Valve
Wellhead & Christmas Tree Systems
Disc Type Choke
Annular Screwed BOP
Choke & Kill Manifolds
Standpipe Manifold
X-Mas Tree for Mudline Suspension System
7 3/8-10K Safety Head (CCD)
Annular Latched BOP
13 5/8-10K Wellhead / XT (H4 Connector)
Adjustable Chokes
Cement Manifold
Wellhead & Christmas Tree
UBD Trailer package
Plug and Cage Choke
Casing Heads
Debris / Junk Catcher Manifold
6 3/8-15K Safety Head (CCD)
Tubing Hangers
Tubing Hangers
Magnum Subsea Gate Valve
13 5/8-10K High Angle Release Connector (HAR)
Model 550 Gate Valve
Model 550 Gate Valve
7 3/8-10K Wireline Cutting Valves
Snubbing BOP
6 3/8-15K Coil Cutting Valves
6 3/8-15K Surface Tree (Flow head)
WOM Floating Ball Valve
Floating Ball Valve

Our Vision, Mission & Values

OUR VISION: Developing a way of life for a better world

• To make a difference in the communities in which we operate by providing a world-class organization that develops a way of existence
• We strive to set the standards, at work and within society, to pave the way for generations of healthy, stable, and fruitful lives

OUR MISSION: Working with a focus on innovation & reliability

• To support and serve the oil & gas industry with products having relentless reliability

• Continuously design and develop innovative features to increase overall safety and production

OUR VALUES: guiding us in all our operations

Responsibility: To build a safer, better, happier world
Honesty: To be true to our core principles
Trust: In relationships that bring about change for the better
Respect: For our society and the environment
Loyalty: To our values, and towards each other

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