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API 20 E Bolting

WOM is proud to announce to the market, its new API 20E product line, in order to offer its clients fasteners even more reliable and safe. WOM has achieved benchmark quality and the shortest delivery duration in the industry with its complete in-house and vertically integrated capabilities. The obtaining of the API 20E guarantees WOM’s products are manufactured and tested under the most extreme conditions. WOM is able to manufacture (BSL) Bolting Specification Levels in the three-existing levels, which prove WOM’s commitment with technology and engineering excellence.

Specification and Features

The API 20 E Bolting is manufactured in several material classes.

  • ASTM Grades
  • ASTM A193 – B7, B7M
  • ASTM A194 – 2H, 7, 2HM, 7M
  • ASTM A320 – Grades L7, L7M, L43

Bolting Specification Level (BSL) :

  • BSL-1
  • BSL-2
  • BSL-3


  • Hot Formed Bolts
  • Hot Formed Nuts
  • Machined Stud Bolts and Nuts


This bolting is used in critical Surface & Subsea applications equipment and API specification such as:

  • Valves – Wellheads – Xmas Trees – API 6A
  • Ball Valves – API 6D SS
  • Blowout Preventers – API 16A
  • Manifolds – API 16C/17D
  • Other HPHT Equipment

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