Underbalanced Drilling Trailer Package

Underbalanced Drilling (UBD) trailer and skid mounted equipment packages are designed and manufactured in house with the attention to detail that ensures the equipment can be deployed and rigged up rapidly to be ready to go online for operations in the minimum possible timeframe. The format and layout of the equipment on each trailer or skid is constantly under evaluation by our very experienced well services operations team during the design and manufacturing stages to make sure it is both operationally and maintenance friendly to optimize the troubleshooting and repairs of any real time issues that might develop during live operations as well as routine maintenance shutdowns.

MTC manufactures both trailer mounted and skid mounted UBD packages for integration with conventional derrick or coil tubing type drilling rigs and can provide the primary UBD choke control manifold(s) in both the 5K psi and 10K psi API 6A pressure range with various options of size and layout formats depending on the customers’ individual requirements.

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