WOM BOP Cunningham Facility

Houston, Texas, USA

Worldwide Oilfield Machine, Inc.

In 1994, WOM introduced its drilling pressure control manufacture and repair facility in Houston, Texas. The Cunningham facility has 55,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space on 11 acres of land. This business unit expansion leveraged WOM’s existing product offering into the BOP Pressure Control market. This facility specializes in Annular, Ram Type BOPs and proprietary engineered elastomers. The Cunningham location is an API 16A certified facility with the ability to complete new BOP’s and API 16AR repair/remanufacture. We can achieve different levels of repair according to customer requirements – First Class, Working Class or Combination Class. Customers can expect quick turnaround on repair with a readily available stock of BOP’s and spare parts. Our expansion of the Magnum BOP R&D Technology Center has allowed further extended capabilities of API 16A 4th Edition PR2 validation testing. The Cunningham location is more than a convenience for our customers it is a necessity for the ever demanding industry.

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