Reliable Actuator System

Due to its proven reliability, the WOM RAS (Reliable Actuator System) sets the standard for the Oil & Gas industry by offering the hydraulic version. Complete one stop solutions that reflect a deep appreciation of Oil & Gas customer needs & industry standards.
WOM RAS is a cost-effective modular design that allows a high degree of customization while delivering performance on all fronts.

Familiarity with Oil and Gas Standards

WOM RAS is part of the WOM Product portfolio. Central to our success is a deep understanding of the industry requirements and our engineering expertise gained
throughout all these years.
Unlike conventional, heavy and bulky Scotch & Yoke Actuators, WOM provides RAS Actuator, an alternative double acting hydraulic actuator having a cutting edge over industry competitors.

Key Benefits

  • Superlative quality and performance
  • Operating time is low
  • Meets all Oil and Gas industry regulations
  • Industry’s most compact actuator design for quarter turn valves like ball, plug, butterfly, etc.
  • Fully adaptable to your needs
  • Minimal maintenance and running cost

WOM developed RAS actuators has following added advantages when compared to industry available actuators:

  1. Lowest weight
  2. Centre of gravity is almost at the center
  3. Compact end-to-end dimensions
  4. Wide range of torque

WOM RAS Actuator minimizes environmental impact in several ways:
• Offers very low energy consumption compared to pneumatic systems
• Designed for low energy consumption and require minimum of oil
• Can be disassembled into small pieces and recycled.
• If the oil is kept clean and particle free, only the sealing needs to be changed occasionally, extending life

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