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Deepwater Riser Intervention System is Latest WOM Technology to Secure Patent Protection

The US Patent and Trademark Office granted WOM the patent for its Deepwater Riser Intervention System (DRS) with subsea HPU-based electro-hydraulic closed loop control system.


This lightweight and compact subsea intervention package enables faster, more efficient transportation, installation, and operation of a wide range of applications, including plug and abandonment, wireline, coiled tubing, and well stimulation. 


A subsea intervention package should provide a method of isolating and sealing the well in emergency situations. The DRS gives two levels of redundancy for safety through a lower riser package with a subsea hydraulic power unit (HPU) to control the system and a subsea hydraulic closed loop control system that eliminates the need to supply hydraulic pressure and supply from a rig or other source.


“With our system, you can also convert from a riser to a riserless intervention system (and vice-versa) while actually on the vessel,” states WOM Subsea Director Udaya Bhaskar. “This technology was designed to meet industry demands for enhancing both the reliability and operations of subsea intervention systems.”


To address slow emergency disconnect systems of typical subsea intervention packages, the DRS incorporates a lower riser package and emergency disconnect package (EDP) which can be controlled independently through an MUX control system. This effectively improves response time in emergency functions.


The lower riser package includes metal-to-metal sealing gate valves and can be controlled from a rig even after disconnecting the EDP package. WOM’s DRS provides at least three well barriers to cut and seal working strings in fail-safe mode, ensuring a more efficient and environmentally friendly subsea intervention package.

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