SubSea Manifolds

WOM has major areas of expertise in the design and construction of Subsea Manifolds, PLETs and PLEMs. We provide detail engineering and project management to our clients to ensure successful completion of these structures. Subsea Manifold incorporates reliable Magnum subsea gate valves and actuators which have proven field history over the years.


  • Combines flow from multiple individual wells and distributes it to the designated flowlines.
  • Allows well streams to be switched between flowlines or header
  • Provides the facility to incorporate isolation valves, multiphase flow meters and flow control devices
  • Provides distribution on services chemical and hydraulic fluid
  • Can provide pigging loops to allow round trip pigging
  • Manifold structure provides support for piping and provides protection to control equipment, piping and     electro distribution circuit
  • Provides working interface for ROV
  • Seabed foundation system provided if required

SubSea Manifold – Chevron

  • East Sterling Manifold (North Sea)
  • Chevron PLETs for offshore Angola Project

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