Raising the Bar in Control Systems

WOM is proud to announce its achievement of reaching the pinnacle in Choke Control Systems technology.    Danny  Spencer,  leading  the  WOM  Controls  Department,  directed  the  project  towards  its successful completion through different phases of engineering, design, and development. The system uses the latest hardware and state of the art intelligent software, making it the most advanced Choke & Kill System in the world.

The control system is designed to safely and successfully kill a well if required. Comprising of a local control panel for the drill floor, a remote control panel for the drillers control room and a field Panel-PC for the drill floor, the system is engineered to control: (2) chokes, (4) double  acting  gate  valves  and  monitor  (15)  pressures,(7) temperatures, (10) choke/valve positions, (3) mud pumps, and a stripping tank level.

The hardware is made up of the latest Siemens S7-1500 PLC & associated IOs, dual power supply with redundancy module, DP/DP coupler and (4)  touchscreen  HMIs. The coupler provides communication between the WOM control system and drillers chair, while the redundancy module allows the system to seamlessly operate without interruption upon loss of main power.

This system is ATEX and DNV-OS-E101 certified, which monitors, logs all activities and further simplifies the work by allowing the drilling operator  to download all activity on a USB memory  stick.  The main objective behind the development of the enhanced system is to enable operators to minimize the  root causes of “downtime”.

Highlights of the Control Systems are:

  • Real-time  Integrated   System   Diagnostics   allowing fast error localization and ana
  • The Configuration of the diagnostics is  integrated into the WOM PLC/ HMI system making it user- friendly and can be activated for a channel at the ease of a click.
  • Identical visualization of error messages in the system Portal, on HMIs, on the Web server and on the PLC CPU in plain text information
  • It is also 4 times faster than other modern systems

WOM’s Choke and Kill Control System comes equipped with the latest intelligent software which allows mechanization of the well control manifolds. In other words, the gate valves are lined up to the Mud Gas Separator  (MGS)  and/or  overboard  lines  by  use of multiple sensors and minimal operator input. This is achieved through a selection of “split buffer  or single buffer” modes in the HMI interface panel.

During a kill cycle, the system monitors differential pressure (liquid seal protection) for abnormal parameters and  notifies  the  operator  accordingly. In  the  likelihood  the  Liquid  Seal  (LQS)  is  under threat, the system will notify the operator via internal/external alarms and  on  command  provide an auto sequence to redirect the flow awayfrom the MGS. It also forces a system interlock whereby the interlocking double acting gate valves cannot be closed at the same time. This ensures safe operation thus eliminating accidental overpressure.

The system was essentially developed for Semi-Sub Blackford Dolphin  with  a  rated  drilling  depth  of 30,000 feet. The technology made its debut in last year’s  Offshore  Europe  Conference  (OE  2015).  

As of July, the project has been completed and has successfully passed FAT testing. The accomplishment of the FAT test received notable recognition by Dolphin representatives  for  being  conducted efficiently and for the professional aptitude of all WOM personnel involved. The system is scheduled to be delivered in July.

Congratulations to the entire WOM Control’s department for engineering, designing, programming, and manufacturing this project completely in-house. This monumental achievement is due, in large part, to your tireless efforts, hard work and dedication. Your teamwork made the dream work!

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