Offshore Technology Conference 2017 in Houston, Texas

The 2017 Offshore Technology Conference was not just another tradeshow, it was a game changer. With an impressive, record-breaking display, WOM literally stood out from the crowd of exhibitors this year with a full size 13 5/8” 15K BOP Stack assembly. As a representation of WOM’s massive manufacturing capabilities, visitors were in awe at the opportunity to see a real-life BOP stack and fascinated by the patriotic paint job representing the Texas Flag. The BOP Stack, which weighed a total of 75-tons, included one large bore double ram bop, one standard double ram bop, one standard single ram bop and an annular. Visitors and media alike were excited to learn about the technology and capabilities behind the BOP Stack and would quickly spread news to colleagues at the show about the towering BOP display which resulted in WOM being included in the OTC highlights of the Houston Chronicle. By the third day of the show, the BOP stack had become a social media sensation with people lining up to take selfies.

In conjunction with the BOP, WOM positioned itself as an industry leader with a large 20’x30’ banner display outside of the NGR Center and was a platinum sponsor for the OTC Achievements Awards Luncheon. Two sponsorships that definitely provided WOM with added brand recognition. Needless to say, OTC was once again a great show for WOM.

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