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Empowered by the art of Innovation, the WOM Group of Companies have been constantly on the lookout for smarter solutions by leveraging the advances in technology. The last 40 years have been about groundbreaking engineering inventions that have helped us build a credible name in the Oil & Gas industry. From an extensive range of products, to world-class customer service we believe in Leading with Innovation.

Here’s a quick recap of some innovations that continue to be game changers for over 4 decades.

1.    Deep Water Riser System (DRS)

What it is: The Subsea division of Worldwide Oilfield Machines Inc developed the DRS systems with more than a decade of design and operational experience of Subsea Intervention systems. Patented Coil cutting gate valves technology which can shear coil tubing and seal wellbore has made the DRS system compact and lightweight.

Why it’s innovative:

  • It’s certified to API 6A and ISO 10423 specifications.
  • Patented and successfully operated at well pressures of upto 9000 PSI and water depths exceeding 9000 feet
  • Offers two levels of redundancy for safety
  • Quickly adapts to Tree Running Tool’s (TRT) and or wellhead connectors offshore
  • Provides significant weight and space advantages

Here’s an interesting case study of the DRS making waves across the globe:

2.  Dual Seal Trunnion Ball Valve:

What it is: In today’s world you need every benefit you can get from your equipment. Putting innovation to work is the Dual-Seal ball valve, the durability and long term performance is unmatched by any other ball or gate valve in the O&G industry.

Why it’s innovative:

• The ball valve offers two independent seats on both sides of the ball.
• The sealing technology can more than double the useful life of the valve.
• Offers maximum safety
• Certified 600 Class to 1500 class ball valves tested and fire-safe
• Comes with a 100% operational capacity

Read more about what what makes it so unique:

2.  Super Power Tandem Boosters:

What it is: The Super Power Tandem Boosters are unlike any others in the industry as they are designed to enhance the shearing force of any size ram- type BOP and offer greater benefits than that of traditional shear boosters.

Why it’s innovative:

  • Skillfully crafted with robust design
  •  Quick assembly and disassembly with minimal maintenance.
  • Eliminates the need for spacers, connectors, and other parts used in traditional tandem boosters.
  • Surpasses national petroleum codes and standards.
  • Comes with twice the force than traditional tandem boosters

Find out more about how the SP Tandem Boosters really pack a punch:

SP Tandem Booster

4.    SP-II Compact Wellhead

What it is: Presenting the SP- II Compact Wellhead which provides an increased level of safety due to a design with minimum through-wall penetrations. With field-proven and tested technology, it allows for a wide range of customizable features.

Why it’s innovative:

  • Focusses on multi-well and unconventional drilled shale wells
  • Primed for immediate deployment in all shale basins.
  • It’s mandrel-type hangers offer complete BOP control, eliminating work under the BOP stack
  • Designed for enhanced safety.
  • Made with minimum Components for maximum flexibility.

Here’s an informative video that’s sure to make you fall in love with it even more:


2021 will continue us down the path of continuous innovation and resilience. Being vertically integrated, we are agile and happy to explore innovative products and services that are intuitive and will continue to elevate our client’s requirements. Reach out to us to explore more possibilities and opportunities for your mega projects.

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