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Worldwide Oilfield Machine, Inc. (WOM) is a multinational manufacturer headquartered in Houston, Texas with manufacturing, sales and service facilities strategically located around the globe.


At WOM, we apply innovative concepts and engineering excellence to consistently improve reliability and reduce maintenance of process pressure and flow control equipment. In 1985, WOM introduced the breakthrough Dual-Seal design for gate valves used in the oil & gas industry. After thorough and rigorous testing at both WOM and independent test facilities, the Magnum Gate Valve design proved its superiority and became the gold standard in the industry for highly reliable, low maintenance valve technology.

We continue to meet our customers’ ever-increasing needs by expanding both our product portfolio and our network throughout the world.

In 1989, Worldwide Oilfield Machine India was founded in Pune as the regional head of the Group’s operations in India to serve the worldwide market.

 The in-house forging plant known as Magnum Forge was established in 1997. The success of Magnum Forge quickly opened the doors for Magna Casting in 1999.

Today, WOM India is a global company that employs over 1,500 employees.

Our India facilities have continued to expand, now including 80 acres of new space to accommodate the needs of our global clientele.  We have built a track-record of excellence, carving a niche in the market for the superiority of our Magnum Gate Valves, Blow out Preventers, Manifold Systems, Custom Design & Manufacture, Ball Valves, Well Test Products, Subsea Intervention System, Wellheads & Christmas Trees.

 The WOM line-up includes:

  • Magnum Gate Valve™
  • Gate Valves for Surface and Subsea
  • Wellheads and Christmas Trees
  • Block Valves
  • Ball Valves, Actuators
  • Chokes and Manifolds for Well Testing
  • BOPs

Located in Aberdeen, Scotland, WOM UK is perfectly positioned to serve the European and North Sea markets. Primarily a customer support and service & repair center, WOM UK is a vital part of the WOM Group’s ability to quickly and efficiently respond to the challenges that the harsh North Sea environment presents to its clients.

WOM Middle East was established in 1999 at Dubai, United Arab Emirates as a part of WOM global expansion strategy to better serve our customers operating in the Middle East, North Africa & CIS regions.

Initially operating out of a 60 Sq. mtr.  office based in DAFZA, Dubai and later relocating to JAFZA, Dubai, WOM ME has undergone exponential development in the past two decades. Today WOM ME is located inside the Jebel Ali Free Zone (Dubai -UAE), in 36,000 m2 facility includes a full-fledged API Product Manufacturing & Refurbishment facility, equipped with hydro test bay, a huge (540 M3) gas pressure-test pit capable of testing up to 30,000 psi and a world class training center.

Serving as the focal point for all WOM product line & services in the region, WOM ME support our customers with our versatile capabilities which include API 6A Wellhead & Tree Equipment, API 16A Drill-through Equipment, API 16C Choke & Kill Equipment, 2014/68/EU Directive Pressure Equipment etc. and by maintaining the highest level certifications in Quality (ISO 9001:2015) and Health, Safety & Environment (ISO 45001:2018).

Located in Singapore, WOM Asia Pacific (formerly Magnum Subsea Systems Pvt. Ltd.) was incorporated in December 2007 in Singapore.

WOM AP specializes in the engineering and design of subsea equipment for drilling, well testing, production and pipeline applications. The products include subsea wellheads, subsea Christmas trees, Subsea manifolds, PLEMS, PLETS, Connectors, and subsea intervention systems.  WOM AP is strategically located to offer its expertise in the subsea oil and gas industry to clients and customers in Asia, South-East Asia, Australia and surrounding Pacific nations.

WOM Midland Full Service Facility Capabilities:

  • New Equipment & Loose Parts Sales: Flow iron, BOPs,  Gate valves, Ball Valves, Chokes, manifolds, etc.
  • Repair/recert of valves, chokes and BOPs same above
  • Rental fleet of Abel Frac lock tools
  • Custom packaged Frac PC equipment layouts to simplify Well Pad

Worldwide Oilfield Machine Brazil was established in 2018 as a part of WOM global expansion strategy to better serve our customers operating in South America. 

The facility of 900 m2 hosts Engineering and Administrative departments and an open area where the buildup of a warehouse is projected for in the near future. The company is located in the main Oil & Gas production area of Brazil- Macaé, in close proximity to some of our core clients offering local, commercial & technical assistance on sales, repair and maintenance, new product development and, spare parts, among other services certified by API and ISO standards.

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