40 Marvelous Years!
Its March and we step into our 40th Anniversary celebrations with great gusto and gratitude. Watch this space for a lot more facts, updates, innovations and yes celebratory messages that we hope will bring you closer to experiencing the WOM difference.
It all starts with WOM!
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We Are 40!

40 marvelous years! Yup that’s how young we are. Would you believe it all started with just $1500 and 5 employees. Today, we are over 2500 employees across 9 countries and just getting started. The future is bright and we are here for good. Join us as we embark on exploring new possibilities and innovations into the next decade.

40 Interesting Facts about WOM


Family Owned Business

Worldwide Oilfield Machine was started with an initial investment of $1500 and operated with 3 employees including Mr. Sudhir Puranik. WOM was founded on April 24th, 1980. In the beginning WOM began as a repair and after-market shop and employed 22 people, including Mrs. Rekha Puranik. https://womgroup.com/our-story/


Founder of WOM- Mr. Sudhir Puranik

He is a graduate from IIT Bombay with a Bachelor of Technology in Metallurgy. IIT Bombay is one of the most prestigious engineering universities in India, comparable to MIT in the United States. He took a loan to fly to the U.S. to pursue a Master’s Degree at LSU Baton Rouge.  He graduated with the highest honors and in great standing with his professors. He finished the Master’s Degree in 15 months, while working and paying off the previous loan. After graduation, he worked for Gulf Forge for 2 years and Grey Tool for 1.5 years. In 1975, he founded Progressive Manufacturing, where the focus was hard-facing of gates, seats and other gate valve components.


Second Generation CFO

The Oil and Gas industry has a very competitive landscape but one woman has been steering her company successfully into it. Revati Puranik, a second-generation lead in this family-owned business, oversees and directs all financial operations and controller-ship for the global enterprise. She has been serving as a member of WOM’s Executive Management team since 2007. Her infectious smile and collaborative approach will see the company ring in its 40 years with innovations.


Culturally Diverse Workforce

Today WOM represent workforce from 17 countries – USA, India, UK, Singapore, Korea, Philippines the list goes on. 


Philanthropic Arm- Puranik Foundation

: Rekha & Sudhir Puranik Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Worldwide Oilfield Machine. The Puranik Foundation was established in 2000 to tackle the poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, and low income challenges facing rural residents in Pune, India, with a particular focus on children. The Foundation is located in a remote area of Pune, with no access to running water or electricity. Despite these challenges, the organization has established a fully sustainable community spread across 25 acres, using alternative and renewable energy sources. https://www.puranikfoundation.org


Four Locations in Houston

Houston, Texas is the fourth largest city in the U.S. and the largest city in Texas. Houston is recognized worldwide for its energy industry—particularly for oil and natural gas.  The city is a leader in producing oilfield equipment. No doubt why WOM has chosen Canemont, Houston as its international headquarters. Apart from Canemont, WOM has three other facilities in Houston: WOM Subsea Tanner USA Facility, WOM Inc. Fairmont Assembly & Repair Facility and WOM BOP Cunningham Facility.  https://womgroup.com/region/usa/


Vertically Integrated

WOM and WOM group of companies make everything except for raw steel and the rubber goods, which is extremely rare for this industry. Worldwide Oilfield Machine is a fully vertically integrated company which allows us to ensure the highest level of quality control in every aspect of the manufacturing process to support the oil & gas industry in surface, off-shore and subsea applications, including high pressure and extreme environment conditions. Complete Vertical integration, combined with a well-managed supply chain, ensures that customers receive orders according to their schedule. https://womgroup.com/vertical-integration/


WOM has 22 Active Patents:

WOM has 22 active patents and 14 pending patents. Visit this page to see the list of WOM PATENTS & Applications: https://womgroup.com/patents/


Withstood 3 Major Industry Downturn Cycles

The past five years of low and volatile oil prices have shaken the entire O&G industry. From corporate strategies, operational performance, financial results, to even innovation and talent, companies are exploring new ways to adjust to the new normal. AFTER a difficult 2015 and 2016, the oil and gas (O&G) industry began showing signs of coming out of the woods by mid-2018, with oil prices recovering to US$85/bbl (Brent). But then, oil prices surprised everyone by sliding more than 35 percent (Brent) to US$50/bbl in the last quarter of 2018. But WOM has successfully navigated the past five years of the downturn.


WOMME Celebrated 20 years

WOM Middle East(WOMME) was established in 1999 at Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Initially operating out of a 60 Sq. m.  office based in DAFZA, Dubai and later relocating to JAFZA, Dubai, WOM ME has undergone exponential development in the past two decades. Today WOM ME is located inside the Jebel Ali Free Zone (Dubai -UAE), in 36,000 m2 facility includes a full-fledged API Product Manufacturing & Refurbishment facility, equipped with hydro test bay, a huge (540 M3) gas pressure-test pit capable of testing up to 30,000 psi and a world class training center. https://womgroup.com/location/wom-middle-east/


WOM’s Flow Iron and Midland Expansion

WOM Midland is another of our strategic efforts for our customers in the Permian Basin to have fast readily stocked inventory of Flow Iron, Chokes, BOP’s, Gate Valves, Spare Parts and Frac Valves.  In addition to the major task of supplying products; our facility is also equipped for aftermarket services in providing rapid service and repair of BOPs, valves and manifolds. https://womgroup.com/location/wom-midland-usa/


WOM India will Celebrate 30 Years in 2020

WOM India was established in 1989, in Pune as the regional head of the Group’s operations in India to serve the worldwide market. Today, WOM India is a global company that employs over 1,500 employees. Today, WOM continues expansion of the India Facilities to include eighty acres of new space to accommodate the needs of its worldwide clientele and maintain and surpass its marketplace in the manufacture and production of Magnum Gate Valves, Blow Out Preventers, Manifold Systems, Custom Design & Manufacture, Ball Valves, Well Test Products, Subsea Intervention System, Wellheads & Christmas Trees. https://womgroup.com/region/india/


Puranik Foundation Celebrated 20 Years

The Puranik Foundation hosted its annual Diwali Gala amongst much fanfare and brought out the bells & whistles to celebrate two decades of its existence. The guests had the chance to enjoy “The Diwali Experience” with entertainment, food and more to commemorate the Puranik Foundation’s 20 years of holistic education and service to children around the globe. https://womgroup.com/news_item/diwali-gala/


WOM ‘S First and Last Loan

WOM ‘s first and last loan was a furnace purchased in 1976, still in use today. The loan was taken, thru Pan American Bank , $ 80,000.00 for a 3 Year term and
was paid back in full in 6 months. Growth of this company has been completely self-financed through WOM’s own profits and without a single dollar owed to any bank!


The WOM Family

WOM still has active employees that started in the 1980’s with Mr.Puranik.

I began working for WOM in 1980 with a workforce of less than 10 employees under the leadership of a great boss, Sam Puranik. Now, in the company’s 40th year, I am humbled and amazed at the transformation that the organization has undergone throughout the years. I am so proud to work for a company that values its employees the way WOM has. To personally see the company grow from its humble beginnings to employing over 2000 people with locations throughout the world, is inspiring. I am proud to work with so many talented, hard-working individuals that have made the company great. I wish for WOM’s continued success.”                   Yohannan Chacko, Machinist


WOM’s First Customer

WOM’s First Major Customer was Santa Fe Drilling. The project was to supply a choke manifold required for a prestigious client in OMAN. Order value was around 250K.


WOM Products are Designed, Engineered and Developed In-House

WOM has a large staff of design engineers who take pride in innovation and continuous ongoing developments of its products. The engineering staff takes an active interest not only in the design but also in the manufacturing and assembly of the products. WOM has developed many innovative manufacturing processes and machine tools to cater to its needs. The success of these machines and processes speaks volumes on innovation and drive of WOM engineering.


WOM's Annual Revenue in 35 Years

WOM’s annual revenue reached $ 350M as a privately owned group company in 35 years.


WOM's Research and Development Lab

WOM’s state-of-the-art Research and Development facility allows for in-house testing, which greatly accelerates new product development and qualification testing. This lab includes environmental chambers for extreme temperature testing and testing booths for room temperature testing.


WOM has a Culture of ‘Can-Do’ Attitude

Sudhir Puranik’s philosophy of “CAN DO!!” has been proven time and time. As he says, “The proof is in the pudding.”


WOM’s Community Initiatives

WOM UK donates funds to local primary schools annually, which provides young people opportunities to enjoy their world and excel in it. https://womgroup.com/community-initiatives/


WOM-ME & MTC’s New Facility in Dubai

The workshop is built in 11,800 m2 plot in Dubai and accommodates two 20-ton overhead cranes, hydro-test bay, inspection area, material stores, repair & assembly area, packaging area and equipment storage area. https://womgroup.com/wom-mtc-inauguration/


MTC’s Trailer UBD Package First of its Kind

MTC successfully handed over the complete trailer mounted coil tubing Under Balance Drilling (UBD) package comprising of 8 trailers in just 6 months and 2 weeks to client having operations in Saudi Aramco.


WOM's First Capping Stack

WOM has built and shipped its first capping stack in a historic achievement for our company and our customer, Helix Energy Solutions Group.


Fletcher-Finucane Project Ceremony

WOM AP(MSS merged as WOM AP in 2017) was pleased to receive another special mention for its execution in delivering products ahead of schedule. The total project was not only ahead of schedule but under-budget, saving $20 million through excellent coordination and delivery.


WOM is Committed to Quality

WOM has achieved and diligently upholds API, ISO, NACE, CE, NORSOK, ANSI AND Bureau Veritas standards for design, manufacturing, testing and quality control of Drill Through and Well Control Equipment. Our consistent commitment to the highest quality levels is reflected in each of these accreditations, as we strive to keep raising the bar. https://womgroup.com/certificate/certification/


Houston Cricket Championship Winners

The WOM Cricket Club (WOMCC) takes the sport very seriously and has been playing in Houston’s popular Taped Ball leagues for a few years now. The WOMCC was created in 2014 with the vision of building a platform where employees could come together as a team, playing a game they love. Through passion, hard work and commitment, the team the WOMCC became league champions and won their ­first trophy in the winter league 2016 of India House Houston Premier League (IHHPL). More >>


WOM's Enterprise Helps Resolve BP Macondo Incident

WOM provided a dual block fail-safe subsea Magnum Gate Valve to successfully assist capping the exposed well in the Gulf of Mexico following the BP Macondo Incident. The U.S. Secretary of the Interior, Mr. Ken Salazar, personally visited the Houston facility and commended WOM’s well containment device.


Recognition for WOM

WOM is named “Manufacturer of the Year” by Great Huston Procurement Forum. We also got awarded “Best Technology” during Petrotech 2016 for the SP-Tandem Booster.


WOM’s Subsea Intervention System

WOM introduces the world’s first 7-3/8” 10K Subsea Intervention System for deep-water applications. WOM’s Subsea Intervention System (SIS) makes full use of Magnum gate valve technology, incorporating Hydraulic Fail-Close Gate Valves and Subsea Magnum Gate Valve in both the Emergency Disconnect Package and the Lower Rise Package. https://womgroup.com/product_category/intervention-systems/


WOM's Magnum Dual-Seal Gate Valve

In 1985, WOM Patented the Magnum Dual-Seal Gate Valve – the best valve in the world then and the best today. Magnum Gate Valves and Actuators were manufactured in 1986 for drilling and production applications, that quickly start making waves in the market. https://womgroup.com/product_category/gate-valves/


Located in 9 Countries

40 years in business, the WOM group of companies has 9 locations and employs over 2,600 employees. https://womgroup.com/contact-us/


First Tallest Manifold Built To-date

China COSCO’s Dalian Developer Drilling ship, one of the largest drilling ships ever built, has a choke & kill manifold built by WOMSEA and it is the tallest manifold built to-date.



Worldwide Oilfield Machine (WOM) Blow Out Preventer (BOP) has achieved more than 60% market share in North Africa and more than 70% market share in South East Asia. With monthly capacity to manufacture more than 25 BOP’s and with the capability to forge a 13” 10K & 11” 5K BOP body in a single piece closed die forging, WOM BOP’s remains as customers favorite in the global well control equipment market. Leading through innovation, WOM developed a super power (SP) tandem booster designed to enhance shearing force of any size ram type BOP. In addition, the Magnum Interlocking Dual-V Shear Ram (MiDVS) from WOM is designed to meet the demand of the new BSEE wireline cutting requirements. The MiDVS consistently cuts wireline, control tubing, flat packs, braided cable electric line and slick line shearing capable without tension. The increased shear capacity allows for a reliable cut of all wellbore elements mandated by critical drilling operations.


Rewards & Recognition

WOM in Houston hosts a yearly event to show appreciation for the passion, dedication & efforts of all employees. Our luncheon recognizes their hard work and innovation to their jobs and the company.


WOM’s First Successful Test of Dual-Seal Gate Valve to API 6A HPHT Standards

WOM successfully completed an extreme high-temperature test of its patented dual-seal gate valve with a Magnum seal assembly. The test was conducted at its manufacturing facility in Houston, the test included operating the gate valve through 200 cycles of extreme temperatures ranging from -20° to +450°F, under a constant pressure of 15,000 psi. The rigorous test was completed for the first time at this temperature range, exceeding previous tests at 350°F. Representatives of major oilfield service companies were present to observe and confirm the testing authenticity.


WOM Sold Some of the Largest Valves Ever Manufactured

WOM sold some of the largest valves that was ever manufactured to Koch Pipeline, ten 24” and 30” ball valves. A 30” valve weighs 17,000 pounds which is more than one Indian Elephant which is approximately 11,000 lbs.


WOM Uses Innovative Forging Method

Producing valve bodies out of a solid block has always been somewhat of a hassle and expensive; therefore, MFMW recently developed a way to manufacture a massive 7”-5K/10K body forging in close die under a 16T hammer. This new development in forging will decrease the amount of materials needed as well as processing time.


WOM AP Relocated into a New Facility

WOM AP relocated into a new facility increasing capabilities and eliminating certain dilemmas encountered in the previous building. Th­e new facility accommodates WOM AP  with 8,199.59 sq. meters of ‑floor space, countless parking for automobiles, motor trucks and motorcycles along with a double entrance.


WOM India Celebrated 25 years!

2015 marked the 25 year anniversary of WOM India. Entertainment was in no short supply, with songs and dances performed throughout the night by employees and their children. Commendation was also given by Mr. Puranik to the first five employees of WOM India- Jay Kannu, Pandurang Kalgutkar, Prakash Dhakinkar, T.Mutthu and Dilip Nadkarni who have been with WOM the entirety of its 25 years in India.

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