WOM Ships Its First Capping Stack

Capping Stack

WOM has built and shipped its first capping stack in a historic achievement for our company and our customer, Helix Energy Solutions Group.

Wellcap 1

13-5/8” 10,000 psi
Dimensions: Long 207.0” by 176.7” wide by 248.2” high
Weight: 160,000 pounds

Loading and shipping the wellcap was as big of a challenge as putting it together.

The Truck

Dimensions: Long 199’ by 17’ wide by 22’ high
Weight: 356,000 gross pounds.
The trailer is a super 19 axle configuration rated at 150-ton hauling capacity. The trailer is carrying the load at 1’2” off the ground.
The overall capacity is rated at 588,000 combined pounds of truck, trailer and load.

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