WOM India Installs Manifold on Aban Rig


Story by Kabir Lulla
Bus. Dev. Manager
Access Oilfield Solutions

“From my personal experience prior to joining the oilfield industry, I had absolutely no idea of the magnitude of operation coupled with technology that was involved in getting that gallon of gas each time I drove up to fill up my car.
“I have been fortunate to have visited several rigs, but interestingly, each time the experience is overwhelming and I return with a new found
respect for all the people out there that make this happen. And we can proudly say that as part of the WOM family, we too are part of this fascinating industry.” – Kabir Lulla, Access Oil

On September 18, 2011, as part of a field trip, a team of 12 WOM associates visited an Aban offshore jack up rig (top picture) being refurbished at the Western India Shipyard in Goa. This rig is being upgraded to a 15K system and as part of this upgrade, WOM have supplied a 3 1/16” 15K Model 200M Choke & Kill Manifold (enlarged pictured, bottom left) along with a choke control console and an oilfield skid. The drive to Goa itself was eventful with what should normally be a 7 hour journey turning into a 17 hour journey, with car trouble along the way. However, the excitement of the opportunity of visiting a Jack Up rig for the first time kept the spirits high (both literally and figuratively!)

All in all, the experience was very stimulating – both academically and socially. The team stayed at the Coconut Creek Resort on Bogmalo Beach, Goa which was a refreshing getaway break for the weekend.

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