The Dual-Seal Ball Valve for Pipeline, Processing and Hydrocarbon Storage

In today’s world you need every benefit you can get from your equipment.  Put innovation to work by using the Dual-Seal ball valve.  The durability and long term performance is unmatched by any other ball or gate valve in the industry.

Topics Covered:

    • Low Maintenance Design
    • Two Independent Seals on Each End
    • Optional Third Seal
    • Four Separate Stem Seals
    • Emergency Seat Sealant Injection
    • Double Block & Bleed either open or closed
    • Cannot Trap pressure in the body
    • Proven Durability

Presented By:

William W. (Bill) Lanning

Product Manager,
Ball Valve,
Worldwide Oilfield Machine,
Ph: +1 832-465-6834
Bill Lanning

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