Vertical Integration

Worldwide Oilfield Machine is a fully vertically integrated company which allows us to ensure the highest level of quality control in every aspect of the manufacturing process to support the oil & gas industry in surface, off-shore and subsea applications, including high pressure and extreme environment conditions.

Complete Vertical integration, combined with a well-managed supply chain, ensures that customers receive orders according to their schedule.

Worldwide Oilfield Machine is one among the few companies who can manufacture engineered API pressure control components from the raw materials to the assembly of the finished packaged system. All WOM products meet ISO and API performance and are engineered to surpass quality requirements.

WOM Engineering

WOM has a large staff of design engineers who take pride in innovation and continuous ongoing development of it’s products. The engineering staff takes an active interest not only in the design but also in the manufacturing and assembly activities of the products. 

Magna Casting and Machine Works produces highest quality Castings in Carbon, Alloy and Stainless Steel.

Magnum Forge and Machine Works manufactures open die and closed die forgings.

Two quenching tanks with depth of 6 meters, one for water other for polymer quench having 100 K litre capacity each which increases overall manufacturing capacity from 300 MT to 520 MT.

Electrically operated  fix hearth batch type, hardening(quenching) furnace  with a capacity of 15 MT has an advantage of temperature uniformity for hardening and tempering and is also free from pollution, flue gas and noise.

WOM has developed many innovative manufacturing processes and machine tools to cater to it’s needs such as a ball grinding machine, made in-house, that can handle turning a ball up to 36” in size; as well as, in-house special purpose machines (SPM’s) to handle drilling and other machine operations as well. The success of these machines and processes speaks volumes on the innovation and drive of WOM engineering.

WOM’s capabilities includes overlay and fabrication of critical joints for producing quality components with CRA materials using Inconel and stainless steel over low alloy forged and cast steels with various manual and semi-automatic machines and welding processes.

WOM’s facilities conforms to API procedures, strictly enforced in order to maintain superior quality of our products. 

WOM’s test booths include both Hydro testing and Gas testing units. 

WOM’s final products are thoroughly inspected so that they meet or exceeds our client’s strict specifications. 

WOM Final Products. Click here to explore our product spectrum.

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