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Our Journey - Worldwide Oilfield Machine

Our Journey

Magna Casting and machine Works Pvt Ltd Pune

1980 – 1990: The Beginning of a Global Success Story

The journey begins

Worldwide Oilfield Machine Inc. (WOM) established in Houston, Texas.

Magnum Dual Seal Gate Valve Patented

WOM’s flagship product is patented. The Magnum name quickly becomes synonymous with reliability and performance in the oil & gas industry.

Introducing - Magnum Gate Valves and Actuators

WOM designs and manufactures Magnum Gate Valves and Actuators for drilling and production applications, that quickly start making waves in the market.

WOM steps into India

WOM India established in Pune, Maharashtra (Near Mumbai, India)

WOM India established
in Pune, Maharashtra
(Near Mumbai, India)

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1990 – 2000: Growth & Consolidation

WOM arrives in the UK

WOM UK established in Aberdeen, Scotland serving the North Sea and Europe.

WOM Achieves ISO Certification

A global accolade, followed by a global contract with a major well-test company.

WOM Adds BOP Production Capabilities

Expansion continues as WOM acquires a BOP manufacturing company and begins to produce annular and ram-type BOPs.

Magnum Subsea Gate Valve invented

WOM introduces its patented Magnum Subsea Gate Valve with fail-close/open actuator.

Magnum Forge and Machine Works Established

Further vertical integration achieved with the establishment of Magnum Forge and Machine Works in Pune, India.

Magna Casting Foundry Makes Its mark

WOM Middle East established in Dubai

WOM Middle East
established in Dubai

Magna Casting Foundry established to provide steel castings for the WOM group

WOM Introduces Dual Seal Ball Valve

With two independent seals on both the upstream and downstream sides of the valve and the option for an additional 3rd seal, WOM’s path breaking Dual Seal Ball Valve offers the performance of a gate valve at the cost of a ball valve.

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2000 – 2010: Innovation at the Forefront​

WOM Looks Ahead to Asia

WOM introduces the world’s first 7-3/8” 10K Subsea Intervention System for deep-water applications.

WOM continues to expand globally, establishing a presence in Singapore to serve the South-East Asia market, while patenting its Advanced Technology Magnum Dual Seal Gate Valve.

WOM Celebrates 25 Years of Service to Oil & Gas

On its Silver Anniversary, WOM successfully tests to API standards, a 15K subsea gate valve at a depth of 13,250 feet

WOM Asia Pacific Established

WOM Asia Pacific takes off, giving the WOM Group heavy assembly capacity in the region.

WOM Increases Capacity

WOM increases its production capacity up to 1,000 gate valves, 500 ball valves and 10 BOP’s per month.

WOM Expands Global Footprint

WOM expands its capabilities in Dubai, establishing the Magnum Technology Center (MTC) to support WOM equipment and provide complete well-testing package solutions for its customers

WOM collaborates with Helix and builds its unique Slim Bore Drilling Package for offshore drilling.

WOM's Enterprise helps resolve BP Macondo Incident.

WOM provides a dual block fail-safe subsea Magnum Gate Valve to successfully assist capping the exposed well in the Gulf of Mexico following the BP Macondo Incident. The U.S. Secretary of the Interior, Mr. Ken Salazar, personally visits WOM’s Houston facility and commends WOM’s well containment device.

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2011 and Beyond: Raising the Bar

WOM Embarks on Global Infrastructure Expansion

WOM takes a visionary leap, investing in state-of-the-art infrastructure and adding over 350,000 sq.ft. of covered area as it expands its facilities worldwide.

WOM Successfully Completed HPHT Test

WOM successfully completed PR2 Level HPHT Test (-20F to 450F)

Major Expansion in WOM India

WOM developed Riser-Less Light Well Intervention System (RLWIS)

WOM India expanded assembly and testing shop to 14,000sq. ft. WOM adds two new CNC machines and custom-built thermal spray machine

WOM South Korea office established

WOM established an office in Seoul, South Korea

WOM successfully tested a 3-1/16” 15K Subsea Fail-safe Closed Gate Valve at a depth of 16,000 ft.

Rapid Expansion and Recognition for WOM

WOM developed the Super-power(SP) tandem Booster to enhance the shearing force of any size RAM BOP(patent pending)

WOM is named "Manufacturer of the Year” by Great Huston Procurement Forum

WOM is awarded “Best Technology” during Petrotech 2016 for the SP-Tandem Booster

WOMUK expanded workshop and testing facilities to 2120 sqm to include heat treatment and pressure testing

WOM’s Revolutionary New Products Make the Headlines

WOM began manufacturing 18 3/4” 10K Annular and Ram BOPs

WOM engineered the Hyper Torque 16 to reduce the operating torque of large and high-pressure gate valves (patent pending)

WOM arrives in Brazil

WOM established in Brazil

WOM Extends Global Footprint

WOM Valves & Controls Intl established with Headquarter in Dubai to provide the critical valves & Controls solution for Oil & Gas, Power & Process Industries.

WOM Midland established in Midland, Texas USA

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