X-Mas Tree for Mudline Suspension System

WOM offers Trees to be used on shallow water completions for marginal fields. Typically used along with jack up completion in shallow water operations. A cost-effective solution for shallow water completions coupled with WOM’s MLS Wellhead.


  • Available in EE, FF & HH Material Class.
  • Combination of WOM’s dual-seal Hydraulic & Manual valves.
  • H2S Service.
  • 5,000- 15,000 psi rated working pressure.
  • Diver or ROV quick makeup WOM’s WQ Mechanical Connector for reduced make-up/ Break-up time/
  • 5” Production x 2” Annulus Nominal Bore
  • Monitoring of annulus pressure via annulus access valve.
  • 3 ½” Tubing hanger with four down hole functions
  • Optional Protective Structure (FFS) available
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