WU Ram Type BOP

The simple, compact design of the U-type BOP makes it the most widely deployed BOP type in both onshore and offshore operations.

The WU ram-type BOP operating system is engineered to provide fast and reliable closure around pipe or casing in all standard well control applications. The easy-to-operate system is pressure energized and features hydraulically operated locking mechanisms to hold the rams closed without continuous actuation pressure.

All parts and components of the WU ram type BOP are precision machined to be fully interchangeable with the U types produced by the major OEMs. Overall dimensions are the same, making it easy to change the stack without any major rework to the rig.

Major components are forged for uniform strength and come standard with chrome-plated cylinders and ram change pistons. The life and performance of our operating pistons are enhanced by the surface alloy, Colmonoy™, a stronger and longer-lasting coating than the standard tungsten carbide.

Major Features

  • Major components are forged and come standard with chrome-plated cylinders and ram change pistons
  • Operating pistons are coated with Colmonoy™ surface alloy
  • Close-die forging makes the stack lighter when compared to square bodies available in the market
  • Parts are fully interchangeable with most major brands of U-type BOPs and can be replaced on location
  • Global network of maintenance and repair facilities


  • Sizes: 7 1/16-in. through 26 ¾-in.
  • Pressure range: 2,000 psi through 15,000 psi

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