WOM’s Pipe Line End Manifolds (PLEM’s) and Pipe Line End Terminations (PLET’s) utilize Magnum Dual Block Valves (ROV Operated) and Magnum Subsea Gate Valves
PLEM’s have facilities for multiphase flowmeters and pig launching and/or receiving equipment.
PLET’s come with standard interfaces such as swivel flange, gooseneck or straight header per client’s specification
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Vertical Flowline Connectors

Subsea connectors are one of the most critical parts of any subsea system, as they are required to seal under heavy loads. WOM’s subsea connectors use hydraulically actuated Collet segments or lock rings to connect to the hub and generate pre-load.

Specification and Features

  • Hydraulic Flowline/Jumper/Umbilical connector
    • 7” -5K with Gooseneck Assembly
    • Available both fully cladded and partial cladded
    • Suitable for Water depth of 1000 ft. (~ 300 m)
  • Primary Metal Seal & Secondary Elastomeric Seals
    • Hydraulic Gasket Retention/Release Mechanism
    • Seal testing feature for Subsea verification
  • Taper Lock with Mechanical Secondary Lock Mechanism
    • Positive unlock key mechanism
  • Custom top end connection
    • weld neck / ACME threaded / API Flange

Operating Specification

Maximum working pressure 3,000 Psi
Maximum Test pressure 4,500 Psi                  
Temperature Rating P-U
Permissible Angular Misalignment +/ – 3°
Hydraulic Operating Pressure 1,500 psi
Material Class EE
PSL Level PSL-3G
PR Level 2
Design Life 15 Years
Water depth 984 ft (300 m)

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