Unique bi-directional sealing design provides a thru-conduit, upstream and downstream seal which creates a pressure-energized balance between the slab gate and seat assemblies when subjected to line pressure.
T-slot stem and gate connection allows the gate to “float” between seats without misalignment of the stem under pressure.
The body cavity is exposed to line pressure only while the valve is being cycled, ensuring better lubricant retention, less exposure to line contaminants and longer service life with less maintenance.
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Torque Reducer Gate Valve

The operating cycles of High Pressure Manual Gate Valve is a tough task in  extreme weather conditions  which requires  3 to 4 persons to operate the valve. Hence WOM has re-engineered and come-up with an  innovative design of “ Torque Reducers” which has unique operating mechanism which greatly reduces the operating torque  so that the valve can be opened or closed with ease of operation by single person.

WOM Torque Reducer valves are without “ Balance Stem Mechanism”  which is unique, also eliminates  one of the leak path and are more compact in height as compared to other Torque Reducer valves available in market  giving more flexibility to accommodate for any application.

Specification and Features

Unique Features of WOM Torque Reducer valves:

  • Cost effective.
  • Remarkable Low Operating Torque so that single person can operate the valve with ease of operation.
  • Comfortable working height.
  • Without “ Balance Stem Mechanism” which eliminates one of the leak path.
  • The selective Back seat sealing for rising stem provides proven safety to replace stem packing in full open condition.
  • Quicker and Safe Operation.
  • Ball Screw Structure lowers operating time.
  • Easy Onsite Upgradation without major modifications.


Used in the operating cycles of High Pressure Manual Gate Valve.

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