WOM’s Annular BOP has a conical bowl designed piston with a length-to-diameter ratio approaching 1 which eliminates tendencies to cock and bend during operations.
WOM’s WU Ram BOP is pressure energized and features hydraulically operated locking mechanisms to hold the rams closed without actuation pressure.
Field-replaceable wear plate in the BOP head serves as an upper non-sealing wear surface for the movement of the packing unit, making field repair fast and economical.
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Super Power Tandem Boosters

Super Power (SP)Tandem Boosters are designed to enhance the shearing force of any size Ram-Type BOP.

• Eliminate the need for spacers, connectors and other parts used in traditional tandem boosters
• SP-Boosters provide twice the shearing force than traditional Tandem Boosters
• Weigh less than traditional boosters
• OEM BOPs may be retrofitted with SP- Tandem Boosters

Specification and Features

Rigid and Robust Design

  • Each part engineered in-house
  • Meets and/or exceeds National Petroleum Industry Code and Standards

Requires only Three Main Components

  • Housing
  • Piston
  • End Plate

Installation is easy for any size of Ram Blowout Preventers

  • Reduced Size
  • Reduced Weight
  • Reduced Overall Cost

Twice the force than traditional tandem boosters

  • Shears larger and heavier sizes of drill pipe required for Deep Drilling
  • Rigid power capable of shearing pipe at any extreme well condition and harsh environment

WOM Successfully completed Shear Tests on 13 5/8”-10K BOP utilizing SP-Tandem Boosters

Successfully tested on the following S-135 Grade Drill Pipe Sizes :

  • OD 5” PPF 25.6, closing pressure 2300 psi
  • OD 5-1/2” PPF 24.7, closing pressure 2200 psi
  • OD 6-5/8” PPF 25.2, closing pressure 1500 psi
  • OD 6-5/8” PPF 27.6, closing pressure 2400 psi


Super Power (SP)Tandem Boosters are designed to enhance the shearing force of any size Ram-Type BOP

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