WOM’s Annular BOP has a conical bowl designed piston with a length-to-diameter ratio approaching 1 which eliminates tendencies to cock and bend during operations.
WOM’s WU Ram BOP is pressure energized and features hydraulically operated locking mechanisms to hold the rams closed without actuation pressure.
Field-replaceable wear plate in the BOP head serves as an upper non-sealing wear surface for the movement of the packing unit, making field repair fast and economical.
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Replaceable Seat Seal Assembly

WOM proudly presents its newly developed Wellbore-Cavity Seat Insert Seal Carrier patent pending novel,

“Replaceable Seat Seal Assembly”

The next generation of Ram Blowout Preventer Body, the model type WU, successfully substitutes an extensive and prolonged process of Machining, Welding, Pre & Post-Heat Treatment, reducing re-manufacturing lead time.   


  • Based on repair and remanufacturing historical and operational data, Ram Preventer Body has long lead.
  • Cavity-Wellbore fabrication, remanufacturing, material handling and transportation.
  • Delayed process time by 4 to 5 weeks, BOP to deliver for onboard operation.

Specification and Features

Seat seal assembly comprises wellbore-cavity seat insert seal carrier

  • Pressure sealing on all type of Rams
  • Low Pressure, High Pressure
  • Bore Sealing helps for Back Pressure when Rams are closed
  • Cavity carrier sealing is achieved for pressure below the rams
  • Anti-vibration cup point grubbing set screws avoid loosening of seat insert carrier
  • Ease of on-board installation
  • Saving production down time, around 4 weeks


Used in Ram Blowout Preventer Body.

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