Replaceable Seat Seal Assembly

WOM’s replaceable seat inserts reduce downtime by eliminating the need to send your BOP to repair facilities for service. The modular design allows for quick changeout of the BOP sealing area onsite. 


  • Based on repair and remanufacturing historical and operational data, Ram Preventer Body has long lead.
  • Cavity-Wellbore fabrication, remanufacturing, material handling and transportation.
  • Delayed process time by 4 to 5 weeks, BOP to deliver for onboard operation.

Specification and Features

  • Pressure sealing on all type of rams
  • Low pressure, high pressure capabilities 
  • Bore sealing aids back pressure when rams are closed
  • Cavity carrier sealing is achieved for pressure below the rams
  • Anti-vibration cup point grubbing set screws avoid loosening of seat insert carrier
  • Ease of on-board installation


Used in ram BOP bodies.

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