Pups Joints

WOM brand Pup Joints are available in NPST and Integral Style for both standard and H2S services, NACE MR-01-75/ISO 15156.

  • Available in butt weld, integral, threaded (LPT & NPST)
  • Forged from Alloy Steel one-piece construction
  • Sizes from 2” to 3”. Integral Pup Joint available in lengths up to 12 feet while threaded /butt weld is available up to 20 feet
  • Available in 6,000 to 20,000 PSI pressure rating
  • All products manufactured from forged steel which meets ASTM and/or AISI standards
  • Available in both standard and H2S service
  • Typical Applications Include:
    • Well Testing
    • Fracturing
    • Cement Manifolds
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