Positive Choke

The simplest configuration of the choke, which has a blanking plug assembly and flow bean in a standard choke body provides fixed flow conditions with respect to the various size of choke flow beans. Choke flow beans have tapered entrance to provide a smooth flow with minimized turbulence and beans retain their accuracy for a longer period of time. Sizes of choke flow beans of both integral and fractional 64th are available.

Product Specification & Features

  • Wing nut style bonnet enables quick tear down of bonnet assembly.
  • Interchangeable components which gives maximum flexibility of choice by utilizing one body and changing beans, seats and top-work (bonnet) assembly to convert positive chokes to adjustable chokes and vice versa.
  • Meet or exceed the minimum requirement specified by API 6A latest Edition


Used in X-mas trees, production applications, choke and kill manifold, well testing and clean
up operations.

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