Model 600 Mud Valve

WOM’s Model 600 Mud Valve features a seat assembly engineered with a lock shell design to ensure accurate seat alignment every time the valve is cycled. WOM’s Model 600 Mud Valve body cavity area is designed to allow continuous flushing by the fluid flow. This action prevents the valve from sanding up, even in standpipe installations.
WOM’s Model 600 Mud Valve is in-line field repairable and has several features which make maintaining the valve easy and efficient such as a rising stem design, a visual position indicator lens and replaceable stem packing.

Specifications and Features

WOM’s Model 600 Mud Valves are offered with threaded, weld and flanged end connections. End connections vary by size and pressure rating depending on customer requirements.

  • Available in sizes ranging from 1 13/16-in. to 5 1/8-in.
  • Rated for working pressures ranging from 5,000 PSI through 7,500 PSI
  • Heavy duty roller bearings standard to reduce torque
  • AA trim standard
  • Conforms to API Class 7,000 requirements


WOM’s Model 600 Mud Valve is designed for rigorous heavy-duty service in abrasive conditions and specifically engineered for the tough requirements of oilfield services. Model 600 Mud Valves are commonly used for a number of oilfield applications such as high pressure mixing lines, standpipe manifolds, wellheads, production manifolds and production gathering systems.

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