Model 550 Gate Valve

The Model 550 Gate Valves provide the versatility and interchangeability necessary for a wide range of demanding flow control applications, including manifolds and christmas trees. Body and Bonnet are constructed of forged steel for maximum reliability and safety.
For severe applications, weld-clad corrosion-resistant alloy linings can be applied to base forgings for maximum protection for the valve’s internal service area.
Model 550 Gate Valves are also available in forged stainless steel.

Specification and Features

Bi-Directional Sealing

  • The Gate-and-Seat assembly seals in both directions by downsteam sealing. The Gate and Seat can be reversed for increased service life.

One-Piece Gate and Seat Design

  • Bi-directional sealing, Seat to Body and Gate to Seat
  • Easy to replace

Metal-to-Metal Seal

  • Sealing at gate-to-seat and seat-to-body is metal-to-metal
  • All WOM Gate valves feature a metal Bonnet seal

Lower Torque

  • Superior finish on Gate and Seats
  • Balanced forces on Gate and Seats
  • Floating Gate with T-Slot

Back-Seating Stem

  • Stem metal-to-metal backseat with bonnet to isolate stuffing box from line pressure, allows Stem packing to be replaced under cavity pressure

Grease Injection Fitting

  • Grease injection fitting located in bonnet, eliminating body penetration
  • Bearing cap grease fitting allows positive bearing lubrication
  • Grease port can be used to test the back seat integrity.

Improved Seat Seal Design

  • Two spring-loaded lip seals on each seat at the Seat-to-Body interface
  • Protects the metal seal surface of the seat, gate, and body from damage
  • Reliable performance at very low pressures
  • The double seal design provides maximum protection against intrusion of particle contaminants into the valve cavity
  • Prevents sand particles from affecting the metal to metal seals
  • Prevents erosion in drilling mud applications
  • One-piece seats and a solid slab gate offer reliable sealing plus ease of field service
  • No special tools are required to replace the gate and seat

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