Magnum Subsea Gate Valve

All Magnum Subsea Gate Valves are designed, manufactured, and tested to API 6A and 17G. Unique bi-directional sealing design provides a thru-conduit, upstream and downstream seal which creates a pressure-energized balance between the slab gate and seat assemblies when subjected to line pressure.

Specification and Features

Engineered to Surpass: T-slot stem and gate connection allows the gate to “float” between seats without misalignment of the stem under pressure. Centralized stem threads and t-nut combined with t-slot gate reduce the overall torque needed to cycle the valve

Unmatched Precision: Gate and seat faces are hard faced and polished to 1-2 RMS allowing for a positive metal-to-metal seal

Increased Service Life: Body cavity is exposed to line pressure only while the valve is being cycled, ensuring better lubricant retention, less exposure to line contaminants and longer service life with less maintenance


Magnum Subsea Gate Valves meet all specifications for subsea wellhead and Christmas Tree applications.

  • Available in sizes ranging from 2 1/16” through 7 3/8”
  • Available in working pressures up to 15,000 psi
  • Magnum Subsea Valve design tested to a water depth of 13,200 feet
  • Quick disconnect mechanism for the actuator allows fast removal without disturbing the body/bonnet connection; Provides easy access to stem packing
  • Pressure equalization system is available (0 psi differential pressure)
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