Line Pressure Operated SSV

WOM’s Magnum Line Pressure Operated Surface Safety Gate Valve (LPOSSV) incorporates the dual seal system providing a thru-conduit, upstream and downstream metal-to-metal seal. The body cavity is exposed to line pressure only while the valve is being cycled, ensuring better lubricant retention, less exposure to line contaminants and longer service life with less maintenance.

Specification and Features

  • Intuitive Engineering: WOM’s LPOSSV uses line pressure as a control pressure to activate the actuator, resulting in a self-operating system. High and low pressure pilots monitor line pressure continuously
  • Unmatched Precision: Gate and seat faces are hard faced and polished to 1-2 RMS allowing for a positive metal-to-metal seal
  • Increased Service Life: The Magnum Gate Valve design incorporates many features to extend the service life of the valve such as a T-slot stem and gate connection, allowing the gate to float between seats without misalignment of the stem under pressure


Installed on flow lines, header valves, gathering lines, pipelines and transmission lines, the LPOSSV is ideal for single point protection.

  • Colmonoy 4, 5 & 75, tungsten carbide, stellite and other HF materials are available
  • Compatible with elastomer-assist metal-to-metal seals or non-elastomeric seals
  • Centralized stem threads and t-nut combined with t-slot gate reduce the overall torque needed to cycle the valve
  • API-approved for working pressures from 2,000 PSI to 20,000 PSI
  • Available in sizes ranging from 1 13/16-in. to 7 1/16-in.
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