Magnum Choke

Our Magnum Chokes offer the customer increased service life and cost savings in high pressure applications, extreme service conditions where the substantial amount of abrasives and debris are present. I extreme services/operations the magnum choke’s robust design minimizes the operational downtime and equipment damages.

Product Specification & Features:

  • The Magnum Choke body can accommodate 3-in., 2-in. or 1.5-in. orifice with respect to change in process parameters. All sizes of trims are interchangeable within the same choke body
  • Optional manipulator system allows the operator to slide and swing the bonnet assembly for quick tear down for trim changes
  • Designed to provide tight shut off
  • Pressure balanced trim considerably reduces the torque required to operate the choke
  • Large body cavity around trim components reduces the velocity of the solids in the fluids, thus enhances the body life.
  • Extended wear sleeve limits downstream erosion to the trim, protecting the body from damage
  • Gate is fully guided by the bonnet extension which can be rotated with respect to bonnet to shift the surface wear
  • Meets or exceeds the requirement specified by API6A and API 16C.


Used for extreme applications like flow back, drilling, choke and kill, coil tubing, well control and snubbing.

Hydraulic motor driven manual override
Linear electric actuator driven (Servo)

Additional Features:

Pressure Balancing Hole

Pressure balance hole is provided in all WOM choke valves so as to equalise the pressure around the stem seal which reduces the stem load and in turn the torque required to operate the valve.

Micrometer Indicator

Linear allowance in the Micrometer Indicator marking for easy calibration of the Indicator after assembly.
Large visual Dial Indicator for easy operation.
Stem travel, percentage open and bean size are shown on the Indicator Marking for easy and correct positioning of the valve.

Thumb Screw

Thumb Screw maintains set position of the stem by resisting rotation of the drive nut.

Stem Packing and LIP Seals

Spring energized lip seals with scrapers used for dynamic seals enhance reliability of stem packing and pressure balance sealing.

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