Magnum SP™ Frac Valve

Hydraulic fracturing and flowback operations require safe, reliable, smooth operation every time. Only WOM offers patented, maintenance-free gate valves that keep your operation running smoothly while using fewer resources, protecting personnel, and preserving the environment.

Our decades of field-proven gate valve technology led us to build the ultimate frac valve—the Magnum SP. Engineered with industry and environmental needs in mind, this valve features advanced sealing technology in an optimized, modular design. This ground-breaking gate valve delivers reliable performance with unmatched advantages, including a reduced footprint and less weight. Together with our integrated manufacturing process, we are committed to delivering a quality valve that is built to last.

Our Magnum SP frac valve delivers a high-value alternative to conventional valves. This technology eliminates labor, downtime, and the need for additional grease during fracing operations. Multiply performance, uptime, and profit all with a single valve at every stage of your project.

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