Unique bi-directional sealing design provides a thru-conduit, upstream and downstream seal which creates a pressure-energized balance between the slab gate and seat assemblies when subjected to line pressure.
T-slot stem and gate connection allows the gate to “float” between seats without misalignment of the stem under pressure.
The body cavity is exposed to line pressure only while the valve is being cycled, ensuring better lubricant retention, less exposure to line contaminants and longer service life with less maintenance.
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Frac Valve

WOM with 40 years of providing innovative products with high quality for the oil and gas industry now offers the Frac Valve for fracturing and flowback applications. Our Frac Valve was engineered for easy operation with reduced torque even in high-differential pressure, and designed for high performance, increasing productivity, minimizing maintenance, downtime and operating costs in general.

  • Application: Onshore
  • Available Sizes: from 3-1/16” to 7-1/16” (Full Bore)
  • Working Pressure: from 5,000 to 20,000 psi
  • Material Class options: from AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF and HH
  • Temperature Material Class: Available for service down from – 50’’ F up to 450’’ F
  • Body and Bonnet: Forged, Manufactured and Tested according to API 6A
  • Lower Torque: Provided by features such as: Floating Gate with T-Slot, Centralized Stem Threads, Superior finish on Gates, Balanced forces on Gates and Seats. Includes WOM unique Torque Reducer to open/close in less than 20 turns.
  • Longevity: Minimal exposure to contaminants and minimal lubricant loss allow for 20+ years-service and minimum Maintenance Requirements
  • Sealing Technology: Bi-directional Sealing assists Metal-to-Metal Seal.
  • Hard Facing Technology: Ensure better protection against highly corrosive, erosive and abrasive conditions.
  • Patent Dual-Seal: Primary – Upstream Seal and Secondary – Downstream Seal
  • Field-repairable: Easy replacement of spare parts such as: Seals, Seats, Gates and Elastomers.

Torque Reducer

The Magnum Gate Valve set the industry standard, so naturally we had to follow suit. Inspired its unique and reliable design, WOM developed the Frac Valve with Torque Reducer, which introduces a new concept ball screw mechanism to reduce torque by more than 70% for gate valves up to 20,000 PSI.

Unique Features

  • Grease port provision of ball screw mechanism for extreme hot and cold weather condition

Plunger Mechanism

With thorough analysis and testing, WOM R&D concluded that the Torque Reducer mechanics drastically reduces the required operating torque due to a combination of the ball & screw design and removal of the balance stem found on conventional valves.

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