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External Sleeve Choke

External Sleeve chokes are designed to provide accurate flow control throughout its operating range. The externally guided sleeve controls the opening and rate of flow. The flow is directed upward away from the outlet, impinges on itself in the center of the flow cage which in turn isolates the body bore from incoming turbulent flow hence eliminating the body wear, making it ideal for low capacity/high pressure drop applications.

Product Specification and Features

  • The seating is achieved through an isolated sealing element contact on a seat outside the flow cage.
  • Pressure balanced trim considerably reduces the torque required to operate the choke.
  • The trim characteristics is equal percentage that provides superior flow control, however, WOM can provide the linear trim as well on demand.
  • Keeping the seat surface away from the high velocity flow protects the seat from throttling wear and the seat integrity is maintained.
  • Meet or exceed the minimum requirement specified by API 6A latest Edition


External sleeve chokes are used in X-mas trees, gas lift applications, choke manifolds, well
test applications, process platforms and FPSOs.

Model WES(H2)-20 & -30

WES(H2) series is an innovative modular design interconvertible between external sleeve, needle & seat and fixed bean choke design. It can also be easily converted from manual to actuator operated and vice-versa.
Model WES(H2) can be converted to needle and seat choke by replacing the stem and seat.
For WES(H2) chokes, conversion from a manual to an actuated choke does not require the choke to be dis-assembled thereby decreasing downtime.

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