Drilling Choke

WOM drilling chokes offer the customer increased service life and cost savings in high pressure drilling operations especially where substantial amount of abrasive fluids are present. WOM Drilling chokes are designed to encounter large cuttings coming up with the drilling mud.

Product Specification and Features

  • Features cutting edge gate and seat design which reduces wear in extremely hostile flow conditions
  • Reversible gate and seat design increases life of the choke
  • Pressure balanced trim considerably reduces the torque required to operate the choke
  • Large body cavity around trim components reduces the speed of the solids in the fluids, thus enhances the body life
  • Extended wear sleeve limits downstream erosion to the trim, protecting the body from damage
  • Meet or exceed the minimum requirement specified by API 16C latest edition


Their consistent performance has been proved in kick control, well testing, well clean-up and other harshest of conditions. Available in 1-3/4-in. orifice trim with 5,000, 10,000 and 15,000 PSI pressure ratings.

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