Annular Spherical BOP

Our WSB annular BOP features a reliable, compact design with retrofittable swarf seal technology.

Rugged, reliable spherical type sealing element – Provides positive seal after hundreds of tests to full working pressure
Enhanced swarf seal – Designed to help prevent metal-to-metal damage from swarf entering the piston when performing milling
Strong, simple construction – only five major parts
Compact body saves space – Height is 15 to 20% less than equivalent annular BOP designs
Simple hydraulic system – Optimized to only require two hydraulic connections for operation
Wear rings on moving parts – Feature prevents metal-to metal contact, allowing for prolonged preventer life.
Resistant to corrosive environments – Standard models are suitable for internal H2S service, and simple bolt and lifting shackle changes convert them for external H2S service.
Ease of Service – Element can be replaced without contamination of mud or grit into the hydraulic system


WOM’s Type WSB BOP was designed especially for surface installations and is also used on offshore platforms.

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