Adjustable Chokes

Needle and Seat is one of the simplest design of adjustable chokes available. It has a standard choke body with an adjustable choke bonnet assembly and Seat. The major parts of the assembly are conical tip rising needle, stainless steel seat and an indicator calibrated in 1/64” increments to enable effective orifice diameters. In highly erosive service a tungsten carbide tipped needle and tungsten carbide lined seat can be supplied.

Needle and seat design is suitable for standard erosive and corrosive services, and less severe service (non-high vibration applications i.e. high gas rates, high solids, etc.) that do not require tight shutoff.

Product Specification & Features:

  • Wing nut style bonnet enables quick tear down of bonnet assembly.
  • Interchangeable components provides a maximum flexibility of choice.
  • Meet or exceed the minimum requirement specified by API 6A latest Edition


Used in X-mas trees, production applications, choke and kill manifold, well testing and clean-up operations.

Features and Benefits:

  • Interchangeable components provide a maximum flexibility of choice.
  • Available in both manual and automated operation.
  • Meet or exceed API 6A requirements.
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