7 3/8-10K Wireline Cutting Valves / Fail Closed(FSC)

Based on gate valve technology to cut and seal wireline / slickline, this product is equipment with a hydraulically-actuated gate made to shear and seal wireline / slickline of a given specification in the wellbore. A seal is made after the shearing, isolating the pressure/fluids from both upstream and downstream.  The wireline / slickline cutting valve is powered by accumulators and can be overridden via ROV manual over-ride.

The WOM wireline cutting valve is actuated by fail-safe close actuator and spring force is used in cutting of wireline. In addition to spring force, hydraulic pressure can be used for assisting while closing of valve.

Industry Standards

API 6A /
ISO 10423
Specification for Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment (Latest Edition) 20th Edition October 2010
API 17D /
ISO 13628-4
Specification for Subsea Wellhead & Christmas Tree Equipment (Latest Edition) 2nd  Edition May 2011
API 17G /
ISO 13628-7
Petroleum and natural gas industries- Design and operation of Subsea production systems-part 7: Completion / work over riser system 2nd  Edition July 2006
SAE AS4059 Aerospace Fluid Power – Cleanliness Classification for Hydraulic Fluid (Latest Edition) AS4059F September 2013
NACE MR0175 /
ISO 15156
Petroleum and natural gas industries- Materials for use in H2S-containing environments in oil and gas production 2nd  Edition July 2006
DNVGL-OS-E101 Offshore standards, Drilling facilities January 2018

Operating Specification

Pressure / Loading Criteria Specification
Maximum working pressure 10,000 Psi
Maximum Test pressure 15,000 Psi
Temperature / Design Criteria Specification
Temperature Rating P+U
Min. Design Temperature -20° F
Max. Design Temperature 250° F
Nominal bore size 7 3/8”
Drift Dia 7.345 +.027/-.000
Shear Class Wireline and Slickline
Material Class EE-NL (or) Customer Requirement
PSL Level PSL-3G
PR Level 2
Operating Criteria Specification
Water depth 10,000 FT
Service Condition H2S per NACE MR 01-75
ROV override turns to Close 60-62 turns to Clock-wise
Torque to operate override 1900 ft-lbs
Torque Bucket Class 5 (2.0” sq)
API Monogram No
ROV Override Open to Close only
Stroke 9.75”

NOTE: ROV MOR is not capable of shearing

Hydraulic Data

Control Fluid Type HW443 (or) Water based Glycol
Control Fluid Cleanliness SAE AS4059 CLASS 6B-6F
Max. Hydraulic Working Pressure 3,000 psi
Max. Hydraulic Test Pressure 4,500 psi
Cylinder Volume Open: 3.14 US GAL                                                     Close Assist: 2.74 US GAL
Compensator Fluid Type BIOHYDRAN(2.6 US GAL APPROX) per one MOR
Compensator Check valves (cracking pressure) 50 psi

Shear Test Performed

Items listed in the below table are the dimensions of samples that were sheared by Wireline Cutting valves

0.464 Wireline (21K breaking strength)
0.372 E-line (2-37AZ17 MP35N) 1 strand
0.372 E-line (2-37AZ17 MP35N) 3 strand
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