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6 3/8-15K Safety Head (Compact Cutting Device)

Hydraulically operated, compact, shear and seal valve designed with high cutting performance and reliable post-cut sealing.

6-3/8” – 15K Compact Cutting Device (CCD) designed with opposing horizontal hydraulically actuated gate valves made to shear coiled tubing, drill pipe, and wire line of a given specification in the wellbore and seal from below.

A seal is made after the shearing, isolating the pressure/fluids beneath the CCD. It is used in offshore and/or high-pressure applications where cutting of the well string is required without leaving a snag. The device is powered by accumulators and can be overridden via ROV hot stab in either direction.

The CCD is considered a safety head that has a relatively small vertical distance between top and bottom flanges. With a reduced package, the CCD can be easily transported and installed using cheaper methods, reducing overall time and costs for subsea projects.

The gate valves are fail-as-is. The external position indicator will show where the gate valve positions are at all times. A locking mechanism prevents the gates from creeping back after they have closed. In case of a failure, an override tool may be used to open or close the CCD. This override tool is ROV actuated.

  • 6-3/8” Bore, 15 KSI parallel cutting and sealing gate valve design.
  • Unidirectional coiled tubing cutting valve with recirculation capability.
  • Demountable actuators to facilitate in-situ maintenance.
  • Compact Design
  • Separate cutting and sealing components in a single device.
Design Data
Nominal Bore Diameter Ø6 3/8”
Design Wellbore Pressure Working: 15,000 psi.
Test: 22,500 psi.
Design Standard API 17G & NORSOK D-002
Temperature Class (Design) P+U (-20°F to 250°F)
Service H2S -IN accordance with NACE MR0175
Drift Dia. 6.345 +.027/-.000
Design Life Min. 20 years
Product Specification Level PSL-3G
Shearing Class Wireline/Coiled Tubing
Performance Data
Maximum Hydraulic Pressure 5,000 psi
Cylinder Volume (Total, Approx.) Open: 5.45 US gal (20.63 liters) Secondary Open: 5.45 US gal (20.63 liters) Close: 5.77 US gal (21.86 liters) Secondary Close: 5.77 US gal (21.86 liters)
Locking Piston Volumes Lock: 0.091 US gal (0.348 liters) Unlock: 0.019 US gal (0.072 liters)
Control Fluid Type HW443 (or) Water based Glycol
Validation Level
Design Validation Level API-17G (3rd Edition- Ballot)
Certification DNV-OS-E101 Cat. 1

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