6 3/8-15K Coil Cutting Valves

Based on gate valve technology to cut and seal coil tubing, our CCV is equipped with a horizontal, hydraulically-actuated single gate made to shear and seal coiled tubing and wire line of a given specification in the wellbore. A seal is made after the shearing, isolating the pressure/fluids from both upstream and downstream. The coil cutting valve is powered by accumulators and can be overridden via ROV manual over-ride.

Industry Standards

API 6A /
ISO 10423
Specification for Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment (Latest Edition) 20th Edition October 2010
API 17D /
ISO 13628-4
Specification for Subsea Wellhead & Christmas Tree Equipment (Latest Edition) 2nd  Edition May 2011
API 17G /
ISO 13628-7
Petroleum and natural gas industries- Design and operation of Subsea production systems-part 7: Completion / work over riser system 2nd  Edition July 2006
SAE AS4059 Aerospace Fluid Power – Cleanliness Classification for Hydraulic Fluid (Latest Edition) AS4059F September 2013
NACE MR0175 /
ISO 15156
Petroleum and natural gas industries- Materials for use in H2S-containing environments in oil and gas production 2nd  Edition July 2006
DNVGL-OS-E101 Offshore standards, Drilling facilities January 2018

Operating Specification

Pressure / Loading Criteria Specification
Maximum working pressure 15,000 Psi
Maximum Test pressure 22,500 Psi
Temperature / Design Criteria Specification
Temperature Rating P+U
Min. Design Temperature -20° F
Max. Design Temperature 250° F
Nominal bore size 6 3/8”
Drift Dia 6.345 +.027/-.000
Shear Class Coil Tubing and Wire line
Material Class EE-NL (or) Customer Requirement
PSL Level PSL-3G
PR Level 2
Operating Criteria Specification
Water depth 10,000 FT
Service Condition H2S per NACE MR 01-75
ROV override turns to Close 60-62 turns to Clock-wise
Torque to operate override 1900 ft-lbs
Torque Bucket Class 5 (2.0” sq)
API Monogram No
ROV Override Open to Close only
Stroke 8.75”

NOTE: ROV MOR is not capable of shearing tubular

Hydraulic Data

Control Fluid Type HW443 (or) Water based Glycol
Control Fluid Cleanliness SAE AS4059 CLASS 6B-6F
Max. Hydraulic Working Pressure 3,000 psi
Max. Hydraulic Test Pressure 4,500 psi
Cylinder VolumeOpen: 5.45 US GAL per one Actuator                                             
Close: 5.78 US GAL per one Actuator
Compensator Fluid Type BIOHYDRAN(2.6 US GAL APPROX) per one MOR
Compensator Check valves (cracking pressure) 50 psi
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