Mountain Foot Bridge

35m Mountain Foot Bridge (MFB) including its launching system was developed at R&DE(E), Pune to bridge clear gaps. The bridge is made of high-strength aluminum alloy components. The system is made compact as considering limited availability of back space during launching in mountain regions. After number of R&DE(E)’s technical trials, prototype of this bridging system has completed extensive user trials with Indian Army. Transfer of Technology is handed over to Worldwide Oilfield Machine Pvt. Ltd, Pune by considering the technical, financial capabilities.

Features & Benefits:

  • Man-portable and weighs less than 18 kg.
  • Capable of withstanding conditions prevailing in glacial regions.
  • Full bridge can be launched in about 120 minutes with a crew of 30.
  • The bridge will normally not allow any appreciable accumulation of fresh snow


Type of Footbridge: Truss type, Triangular configuration
Construction: Modular, suits deployment in variable spans in multiples of 1.5 m
Max. Length: 34.5 m
Max. Clear Gap: 32 m
Walkway Width: 0.8 m
Material: Aluminum alloy
Weight of Each Component: < 18 kg
Time for Launching: Within 2 hours with 30 men for max. length

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