13 5/8-15K Subsea Well Cap(Capping Stack)

This product controls, diverts, and shuts in a well flow stream during a well containment operation.

WOM Well Cap was part of the system used while containing BP Macondo incident.


  • WORKING DEPTH: The ability to fully operate in water depths of up to 10,000 feet
  • SIZES:  The WOM system has dual 13 5/8” ram assemblies (cavities). Optional sizes can be provided.
  • OPERATIONS: Interface is quickly adaptable to any BOP stack interfaces or X-mas tree configuration. Deployment from a variety of MODU or MSV vessels from semi to monohull. Sized and designed for rapid optional transportation methods.
  • uniqueness: Control system both ROV operated as well as WOM incorporates direct controls to latch the assembly and secure the well. Accumulation system can be charged subsea from surface or from a SAM (subsea accumulator module).
  • DESIGN: Two dual block valves (fail safe) provide venting or circulation beneath the rams. Two subsea chokes installed in the system, one at each dual block outlet.
  • RELIABILITY:  Controls preprogram capability for valves either “open” or “closed” operation. This feature would be used after the intervention system is installed and flow is being captured or the well is being intervened or killed/temporarily abandoned. It would serve to either open the vents or to secure them in the event of an emergency disconnect or drive off of the vessel/rig.
  • EASE OF OPERATIONS: The system is equipped with local subsea pressure gauges and optional acoustic transmitted pressure transducers to relay pressures above and below the rams to surface. Lighter weight assembly capable of being deployed on cable, drill pipe or riser as required.
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