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World’s First 36-Inch Dual Seal Ball Valve

Worldwide Oilfield Machine Inc continues to push the envelope on valve sealing technology by now offering the world’s only Dual-Seal ball valve in a 36-inch bore size. The patented Dual-Seal ball valve features two independent seats on each side of the trunnion supported ball. The combination of both, the Primary and Secondary Seats gives the Dual-Seal many more years of operational life than a conventional ball or gate valve. The valve shown will be installed at one of the world’s largest underground crude oil storage facilities.

What makes this valve unique? The Dual-Seal valve has two seats on each side of the ball. The Primary Seat is the first seat to give you a seal. If this seat ever gets damaged, the Secondary Seat takes over. The Second seat has the same sealing characteristics as the Primary. This combination of seats will dramatically extend the service life of the valve compared to what other valve brands provide

Critical Assembly Features for the 36 ” Model 50 Ball valve

There is also a unique trunnion block design that allows the stem to be inserted into the body of the valve before the trunnions and ball are installed. The stem head is larger than the hole in the body, so the stem is captured by the valve body. The stem is absolutely blow-out proof. The Dual-Seal is the only 3-piece valve in our industry with this captive stem technology.

The Dual-Seal ball valve has been carefully designed to eliminate all the typical failure points in an ordinary valve. When you have a location where you know the valve must last “forever”, seal off perfectly, and be trouble-free, give WOM a call. It may be the best call of your career.

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