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WOM Subsea delivers IRS 5 to Helix

IRS 5 was delivered to The Helix Energy Solutions
Group earlier this year, bringing close to an 18-month long project which represents a successful collaborative effort lead by WOM Subsea. The IRS system will first be in service aboard Helix’s Q4000 semi-submersible and will be a source of continued revenue for WOM, as WOM service personnel will be contracted aboard the vessel whenever the IRS system is deployed.

Building the IRS 5 system was a significant undertaking, receiving support from all WOM facilities in Houston as well as substantial support from WOM UK which provided connectors and engineering expertise to the project.

WOM Subsea has already begun work on IRS 6.

WOM Subsea delivers IRS 5 to Helix
WOM’s Intervention Riser System

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