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WOM Pune Product Display Gallery

WOM Pune recently unveiled a state of the art display gallery showcasing some of WOM’s most innovative technologies. The high-quality display is 780 square feet, and located across from the WOM Pune main office. Three sides of the structure are folding glass parking doors that slide and stack back, providing the ability to move heavy equipment in and out of the gallery with ease.

The gallery features the following products:

  • 4-1/16″ 10K 200M Gate Valve with a Hyper Torque Reducer
  • 3-1/16″ 10K Magnum Gate Valve
  • 2-1/16″ 10K Positive Choke
  • 2-1/16″ 15K Check Valve
  • 3-1/16″ 10K Adjustable Choke
  • 3-1/16″ 15K Hydraulic Choke
  • 14″ Dual-Seal Ball Valve 600 Class
  • 3-1/16″ 15K Subsea Magnum Gate Valve
  • 13-5/8″ 10K Single Ram BOP with SP-Tandem Booster & Traditional Tandem Booster
  • 11″ 15K x 9″ 10K Surface Wellhead-Section A
  • SP-II Compact Wellhead Assembly, Stage 2
  • SP-II Compact Wellhead Assembly Stage 3
  • IRS Model
  • Working Gate Valve Model
  • Working Ball Valve Model

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