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WOM is successfully completing a 5 Year Recertification of a Choke & Kill Manifold

WOM AP is currently working on a 5 year recertification of a Choke & Kill Manifold on a Semi-Submersible Rig for one of our most valued customers. With 95% of the work completed so far, this maintenance job is being done at the Singapore Keppel Shipyard.

The challenging part of this job was the delivery time, we needed to get it done within just 5-6 weeks. Due to the short turnaround time, we had to mobilize 2 of our senior WOM FSE’s to rotate on 2 shifts, 24 hours for the maintenance work on board. 

Communication & understanding of the customer’s requirements are important in these time sensitive projects. To ensure a smooth execution of work and fully understand the customer’s requirement, we had a couple of face-to-face meetings with our customers in WOM AP which was conducted together with our Operations Team & Insides Sales Team.  In order to deliver the job on time and due to long lead time of the spares, the Inside Sales Team had to communicate with the customer to purchase these spares prior to maintenance work.  As the delivery of the parts is critical to this project, the Inside Sales Team had to follow up very closely with the manufacturing plant to ensure these spares were delivered to WOM AP on schedule.

At the end a truly victorious win for all the teams in WOM AP and a very happy customer who was all praise for not just our products but also the technical skills, support and knowledge of our Service team in Singapore. Adding to this joy was the customer’s show of support for WOM’s Gate Valve which our customer truly believed is one of the best in the market.

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