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WOM Award Winners

WOM applauds the exceptional achievements of its employees through awards at the Biannual Summit. These awards acknowledge not only the hard work of our employees; but also acknowledges their ability, passion, effort and above all, excellence. Following were the awards given during our Biannual Summit.


Super Sales Star Award: Recognizes Sales performers that contribute to the top line revenue and growth of the organization. Ron Tooker was awarded for successfully developing the Mexico market and securing top dollar orders in the region.

Ron Tooker receiving award from Mr. Sam Puranik, CEO, WOM Group of Companies

Customer Whisperer Award: Recognizes Sales performers that bring in the highest number of new customers. Awarded to Eddie Darce for relentlessly and repeatedly developing new customers in Midland and always advocating the WOM brand.

Eddie Darce receiving award from Mrs. Shubhangi Neelesh Musale


Spotlight Award: Recognizes performers who develop the most innovative design or product. Awarded to Udaya Baskar for developing DRS and CCD for the subsea market which has credited WOM as an independent and premier manufacturer in such a specialized space.

Udaya Baskar receiving award from Mr. Mansing Phase

Superstar Award: Recognizes performers who made a big positive impact on global engineering. Awarded to Anand Kalimuthu for developing innovative and cost effective designs through rigorous research and development. Anand has also spearheaded many global initiatives on engineering excellence.

Anand Kalimuthu receiving Award from Mr. Mahesh Mithran


Highest of High Fives Award:  Recognizes performers that made a positive impact on ensuring on-time deliveries. Awarded to Raju Mainkar for braving extreme challenges for tools & product development at Magnum Forge. The successful trials he championed has helped WOM push through cutting edge solutions in our vast product offerings.

Ninad O.K receiving award on behalf of Raju Manikar from Mr. Djajadi Susastra

Special Awards:

You’ve Made A Difference Award: Recognizes employees that embody the essence of team spirit. Awarded to Mansing Phase for bringing about a major turnaround in the India office operations ensuring accountability and prompt action all with a positive & practical approach.

Mansing Phase receiving award from Mr. Wille Kinnear

Key Contributor Award: Recognizes performers that have inspired the workplace with an outstanding achievement in any field. Awarded to Siddeshwar Hawanale for being the key contributor of success in India’s Baker Hughes-GE (BHGE) and Schlumberger engineering areas. He has gone above and beyond in ensuring operational efficiency and reinforcing WOMs positive reputation. Halliburton too joined in on BHGE’s appreciation towards WOMs efforts.

Mandar Phatak receiving award on behalf of Siddeshwar Hawanale from Mr. Doug Ayrton

Community Service Awards:

Your Energy Inspires Us Award: Recognizes leaders who have truly led from the front and have actively campaigned WOM’s vision. Awarded to Bhakti Salunkhe for truly inspiring and leading the next generation through WOMs Puranik Foundation. She has been instrumental in aiding opportunities for the foundation in India and the US.

Bhakti Salunkhe receiving award from Mr. Shivaram Kulkarni

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