WOM Augmented Reality App Brings Catalogue Pictures to Life

WOM is now using an augmented reality app to enhance product views of the BOP Stack, Well-Test Manifold, and Dual-Seal Ball Valve.

With the use of the application and the device’s camera, everyone can now bring these products to life using the trigger images of each product to activate the 3D version of the product. The augmented reality app provides sectional views, exploded views, and 360º views of each product for a fun and interactive product presentation.

The WOM Augmented Reality application is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch iOS 9.0 or later.

To get the app, please visit the iTunes store through your device and search for “WOM AR Catalogue”.

Hold your phone over the product’s trigger image in the catalogue to activate the 3D video. on your device.

visit iTunes for more info.

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